Rogers decides to end physical video rental business

The video rental business was once a major cash cow, but has been dying for years. It’s similar to the music industry and people buying CDs – it’s just not happening anymore. Over the last number of years people have flocked online or found ways to get their movies on demand via their cable/internet provider. You might have recently heard that Rogers has been in the process of liquidating about 500 of their Rogers Video locations of all DVD stock, this is due to a “declining marketplace.” In turn Rogers will be opening “enhanced sales and service centres” that will showcase their wireless, cable, internet, and home phone offerings.

Here’s what Rogers stated to us in an email:

We’re making changes to our retail approach in order to respond to our customers’ changing needs. Canadians still love their movies and games, but they want them anytime, anyplace, on a variety of platforms. Rogers Anyplace TV, Rogers on Demand and NextBox have become increasingly popular. So we’re refocusing our retail presence, while at the same time evolving the retail experience.

We’re no longer offering DVD and video game rentals but we’re not closing any stores. We have almost 1000 stores throughout the country and we plan on adding at least 30 more this year. Each of our locations will offer wireless sales and service and many will also offer wireline (cable, internet, and home phone) sales and service. We’re committed to providing the best service to our customers through all channels throughout the country.

We’re also excited to launch more of our enhanced sales and service centres in 2012 (similar to the one in the Eaton Centre) – stay tuned for details!

End of an era. It’s TV Anywhere from now on… tablet, smartphones