Draw Something updated with comments, undos and pull-to-refresh, boasts 35 million daily users

The unstoppable train that is Draw Something, whose parent company OMGPOP was recently acquired by Zynga for $200 million, has released a sizeable update that finally adds some form of non-whiteboard communication to the app.

Version 1.5.14 (iOS) and 1.5.18 (Android) adds some community-requested features:

– Say something! Comments on drawings!
– Undo something! You can undo your last line!
– Refresh something! Immediate updates – pull down to refresh!
– Share something! Post your drawings on Facebook & Twitter! (iOS only)
– Save something! Save your drawings to your photos! (iOS only)

As you can see from the lead image, while Draw Something is still hugely popular, its daily usage has dropped quite a bit since its height in March. It is the top free and paid app on both Google Play and iTunes App Store, and is estimated to be played by 35 million people every day.

Get the Android and iOS versions of the game.

Via: TheNextWeb