HTC One X torn down, opens up to hard design questions

The HTC One X is pretty divisive in its design. Lots of users are loving the unibody feel and the thin form factor but a vocal few are making noise over the inaccessible battery and lack of expandable storage.

Chinese site PCOnline has taken its spudger to the casing and finds that it opens up in a similar way to the Sensation, just above the LCD. But in this case, the battery is glued to the inside, saving precious millimetres in the process.

As you can see, the 1800mAh battery takes up most of the space inside the casing, relegating the remaining parts to the nether-regions of the handset. The finished assembly has what appears to be no room for a microSD card, and is also why the microSIM slot was relegated to the outside of the case.

Take a virtual tour over at PCOnline.

Via: TechnoBuffalo