Samsung teaser video for Next Galaxy promotes its ability to “fit into your life naturally”

Yesterday Samsung started their countdown to May 3rd with a dedicated site called “tgeltaayehxnx.” People were quick to untangle the letters and found out that it spelled “the next galaxy,” something Samsung is going to unveil on May 3rd in London. There were a couple messages on the site, fist that we’ll be abe to take our “next step” at 7:00am today, and that we’ll “Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more.”

So, it’s 7:00am and the countdown has stopped and the next step in the ongoing teasing is a video with the words:

“If technology is to be truly smart, shouldn’t it fit into your life naturally?”
“Your view of the world grows even wider”
“As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly”
“Now you can stand out from everyone else”… jab at the iPhone users as it shows a bunch of sheep.

Video below… Any guesses? Thin? Ceramic? Smart connected? Bigger display? Quad-core?

Source: YouTube
Via: Twitter