Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaks for HTC Amaze 4G with Sense 3.6

Users of the HTC Amaze 4G are in for quite a treat if you’re willing to spend some time playing doctor with your phone. The device, which has been released on TELUS, WIND and Mobilicity, saw a flurry of developer-related activity this past weekend after months of relative stagnancy from the Android community.

First a user by the name of JuopunutBear released a tool called Unlimited.IO for many last-generation HTC devices that gives them S-Off status, a coveted tool allowing you to have complete control over your device’s bootloader, such as loading signed code from other carriers. (This actually also applies to the Raider and Sensation, too).

Then, days later, an Android 4.0.3 ROM was leaked for the Amaze and, by luck of the draw, can be installed quite easily by using the tool above. Custom ROMs are also being released based on the leak, but if you want to keep it simple (it’s a T-Mobile ROM with all the bloatware that goes with it) you can check out a step-by-step walkthrough over at XDA-Developers.

The leaked ROM is, unfortunately, based on Sense 3.6 and not 4.0 like the One X and One S. Nevertheless it is a huge step in the right direction for a device that seemed to be perpetually stuck on Gingerbread, missing out on a lot of its potential.

If you recall, we loved the Amaze when it was released last year, and much of the camera experience of the new HTC lineup was based on it.

While the procedure may be a bit daunting, and will require you to unlock your phone’s bootloader first at HTCDev.com, potentially voiding its warranty, we’d recommend doing it if you’re up for it; the payoff it pretty huge.

Source: XDA-Developers