Taptu updates iOS and Android apps to better DJ your news

Taptu has become one of my favourite news “streamers,” as opposed to just a general news reader. It breaks up feeds into horizontally-scrolling streams that open up to larger magazine-style articles.

We brought you news in February when Taptu debuted for the PlayBook as one of the first Android apps that worked really well on the BlackBerry tablet. Today the company has updated its apps for iOS, Android and PlayBook, and is including some highly-requested features.

When you initially open the app it will ask you to login using a Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account. Once there you’re asked to populate your list with a bevy of curated streams, which range from Sports to US Politics to Tech, as well as feeds from Google Reader.

Taptu has also been updated to support multi-device syncing. As long as you log in using the same account (Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) it will sync your sources, negating the need to add the same feeds to your Android and iPad, for example. The iPad app has also been updated to support Retina Graphics.

If you’re into curated news at all, and want to read some using a really nice and smooth interface, check out Taptu.