Samsung Galaxy S3 design could be ported to Windows Phone

It’s no secret that the Samsung Focus S was based in large part on the Galaxy S2, as it uses the same 4.3-inch WVGA Super AMOLED Plus display and basic form factor.

Considering Samsung has committed to creating more Windows Phone devices despite its affinity for Android, it would make sense that its next flagship Windows Phone would resemble in part its Google-powered kin.

The other justification for this theory is that the next version of Windows Phone, dubbed ‘Apollo’, will be compatible with multi-core SoCs and LTE, in addition to the high-resolution screens that litter the Android landscape right now.

Blog WP-Life claims to have a reliable source inside Samsung Korea that claims the working title of the device is the Focus S2. As with all Windows Phone devices, it is expected to come with a dedicated shutter button, along with access to Samsung’s upcoming S-Cloud service.

While we don’t have any idea when the new device will hit — you can expect this summer to be dominated by the Galaxy S3 — but rest assured Samsung will return with a new Windows Phone and, unlike the Focus S, we hope it will launch in Canada.

Source: WP-Life
Via: WPCentral