Samsung Galaxy S III reportedly gets measured by a ruler, reveals a 4.8-inch display

Here’s the latest pic of what’s said to be the quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III. The unreleased flagship took some time out of its busy and discreet schedule to nestle up to a ruler showing it measures in about 130mm long. In addition the display has been rumoured to come in between the 4.65-and 4.8-inches, this image shows it’ll be 4.8-inches.

To compare to other flagship devices:
– Galaxy Nexus measures in at 135.5mm with a 4.65-inch screen;
– HTC One X is at 134.8mm with a 4.7-inch display;
– BlackBerry Bold 9900 sits at 115mm and a 2.65-inch display;
– Nokia Lumia 900 measures at 127.8mm with a 4.3-inch screen size;
– Apple iPhone 4S is 115.2mm long with a 3.5-inch display.

Again, everything will officially be revealed on May 3rd at Samsung’s Unpacked event.

Source: KnowYourMobile
Via: PocketNow