Skype for iOS updated with stability and UI improvements

Skype for iOS has been iterating pretty quickly for a Microsoft-owned product. Today version 4.0 has been released with a few notable improvements, though many of them are under the hood. As most users of the app know, it has never been the most attractive or stable code for the platform, crashing hard and often without explanation.

Microsoft has done a lot of work to improve that scenario, allowing the app to re-open if and when it does crash, though it will happen less often, they assure us. Users can also move their own preview panel now when making a video call, an advantage FaceTime no longer has.

Skype was recently updated on Android, too, and recently went public on Windows Phone and shows Microsoft has no intention of losing the market to its competitors.

Download Skype 4.0 for iOS in the App Store.

Via: The Verge