Motorola Mobility posts Q1 2012 loss of $121 million on $3.1 billion revenue

Motorola posted its Q1 2012 earnings today and the situation is much the same as the previous year: not good, but OK.

The company, which is only waiting on China’s regulators to approve the Google buyout, posted revenue of $3.1 billion, $2.2 billion of which came from its mobile device arm. Overall Motorola posted an after-tax loss of $121 million, which is $32 million more than the previous year’s Q1. Revenue was up 3%, however, over the year before, and the company sold 5.1 million smartphone, representing 57% of its total numbers. Total shipments, however, were down from 10.5 million devices to 8.9 million quarter-over-quarter.

Much of the success came from RAZR and RAZR MAXX smartphones, which launched in North America and around the world, while the remaining portion can be attributed to the Defy Mini and MOTOLUXE, which is launching soon in Canada.

Source: Motorola
Via: Android Central