HTC One X gets root access via superboot script

The HTC One X has finally reached the first stage of its likely long and illustrious career as a hacker’s dream phone. Already rooted with custom ROMs on the international version, the North American variant has been rooted via a clever “superboot” script that installed a Superuser APK on the first boot.

Note that you must have already unlocked your bootloader via HTC’s online tool, which will wipe your device, but once that’s done you’re home free.

If you know your way around a phone, you should be able to complete the process without issue. If this is your first time tinkering with an Android phone, please be aware that unlocking your bootloader may void the warranty or render your device unstable.

Check out all the details over at MoDaCo. If you haven’t already, read our extensive HTC One X review, too.