LG announces Optimus LTE 2 with True IPS display and 2GB RAM

LG has announced a follow-up to the Optimus LTE, currently dubbed the Optimus LTE 2. Though there are not a lot of specs to go on right now, considering what else was announced recently it seems likely that LG needed to get this news out as soon as possible.

The main features that we have to work with at the moment are the beautiful non-PenTile HD IPS display, likely in the 4.3-4.5 inch range, and a LTE-capable dual-core processor (likely the Snapdragon S4 processor) with an unbelievably 2GB RAM.

The amount of RAM screams desperate spec jump, considering the higher the amount of RAM in a mobile phone the higher the energy usage. To offset this inevitable spike, LG is equipping the Optimus LTE 2 with a 2150mAh battery. There’s also an inductive charging coil, in case you’re into wireless charging.

LG’s newest flagship is being released in Korea at the end of the month, with a wider distribution expected in the coming months.

Source: LG Newswire
Via: The Verge