Samsung shopping around to purchase mobile software companies, currently “something in the works right now”

Many rumours have surfaced in the past the Samsung was going to potentially license RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS. However, nothing has come to fruition yet and J.K. Shin, President of Samsung’s mobile business, has gone on record once again to say they are not interested. In fact, Samsung is more inclined to purchase a smaller company that has specialized software that will help them continue their lead in the mobile industry.

In an interview with the WSJ, Shin stated they are currently in talks with several firms and that “the technology industry is growing very quickly and it is too much of a burden to try to do everything in-house. There are many qualified workers from India that are very skilled in software. And there are small companies that we can acquire that have good research and development capabilities. There is something in the works right now.”

No word on when the deal will be announced, nor who the deal is with. Samsung recently took top spot to become the world’s largest handset maker, overtaking Nokia. With the hype of the recently launched Galaxy S III Samsung is aiming to sell over 200 million smartphones in 2012.

Source: WSJ
Via: PhoneArena