BlackBerry 10 Alpha device lists future BlackBerry 10 names: Black Forest, Nevada, Naples and Nashville

BlackBerry World 2012 just passed and one of the highlights of the conference was that developers were given a BlackBerry 10 OS device to test out their apps. Apparently RIM handed out over 2,000 to developers and each one will get a limited edition BlackBerry 10 device if they submit an app and return the alpha device. That alone is pretty promising. The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device looks like a mini PlayBook and has a 4.2-inch HD LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 768.

Back in December of last year the London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada and Black Forest names surfaced. Now a thread has been discovered in the code in the alpha device that at the very least confirm some internal code names of upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. If you type “file:///radio/etc/sv.numbers” into the browser you’ll find the names Nevada, Winchester (HSPA & LTE), Colt, London, Blackforest, Nashville and Naples all appear:

– # R044 – Nevada 0x8400270A,1
– # R051 – Winchester2 LTE 0x0c001a06,1
– # R052 – Winchester2 HSPA+ 0x0d001a06,1
– # R053 – Winchester2 LTE HSPA+ 0x0e001a06,1
– # R061 – Colt 0×04002307,1
– # R072 – London 0×04002607,1
– # R073 – Blackforest 0×04002706,1
– # R084 – Nashville 0x8500270A,1
– # R085 – Naples 0x8600270A,1

The London and Colt have been rumoured to be revisions of RIM’s first BB 10 device that will launch in “the latter part of 2012.” As for the Winchester, this could be the PlayBook 2 with HSPA+ and LTE connectivity, the Black Forest is rumoured to be the 10-inch PlayBook that has yet to surface. Finally, the Nevada, Nashville and the Naples are new. Perhaps these might be BlackBerry 10 devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

This certainly adds to the excitement for RIM’s upcoming devices. Hopefully pics of the actual devices surface soon.

Source: N4BB