Eyes on the mobile prize: Facebook purchases Glancee

Last week Facebook scooped Glancee up as part of its initiative to strengthen their mobile platform experience.

For those that don’t know Glancee, it is a location based social application available on iPhone and Android that “makes it fun and safe to meet people who share friends and interests with you. With your Facebook profile and our interest-based recommendation engine, we help you find people in your area that you don’t know but would enjoy meeting.”

It didn’t take long for Glancee to Facebookize their logo and announce that the application is shutting down as the gang joins the larger Facebook team in Menlo Park, California. Facebook did not disclose what it paid for Glancee. But is any price tag relevant following Facebook’s recent billion-dollar purchase of Instagram? The recent cost of the acquisition is better left a mystery as the Glancee team is entitled to a little thunder.

With over 900 million active global users logging in from a number of different platforms, Facebook recognizes its need to provide a seamless cross-mobile experience. Users must have the ability to use Facebook to do more (everything) from their mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) as well as their computer. Facebook is laser beam focused on bringing more mobile functionality to its current application. In other words, provide what users are leaving Facebook to do! These additions are imperative to bring users back to the Facebook well for another drink.

Acquisitions of applications like Instagram and Glancee help Facebook do what users expect, better and faster. They have tons of money and are no longer in the business of reinventing the wheel when they can afford to buy the best wheel already on the market.

It still remains to be seen if Facebook is able to incorporate the value Glancee has to offer and not violate the privacy of its users. Facebook has a history of weaving in new features that adjust basic privacy controls without its users being completely aware. To the team at Glancee, all I ask is that you ensure this a user-friendly addition for us Facebookers!

Source: All Things DGlancee
Via: Globe