Update: Rogers LTE network now live in Moncton

Rogers has been actively improving their LTE network since July of last year. They now reach a total of 12 million Canadians and have a goal to expand to their coverage to 20 million Canadians by the end of 2012. Rogers recently turned on LTE (Long Term Evolution) speeds in Calgary and Halifax and stated that Edmonton “in the coming months.” These locations joined Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s. However, it seems that Moncton, New Brunswick has also been graced with LTE speeds. Not sure when this went live as I couldn’t find any information on it. Their LTE dedicated website shows active coverage in the core of the city.

For those in Moncton, how are you finding the LTE speeds?

Update: Well, looks like LTE has not launched in Moncton. Apparently the map was updated in error, so it could mean that LTE is coming soon. Rogers stated in an email to us that “We apologize for the confusion but there was a map updating error. LTE has not launched in Moncton but we will keep you updated on when new citied are added. The error has now been corrected.”

Source: Rogers
(Thanks Steve!)