Virgin to roll out new Smartphone and Prepaid plans May 9th

Virgin will be making some changes to their plans, both to the Smartphone plans and the Prepaid offerings. The Smartphone plans are eligible for Virgin’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) and for the Prepaid, as usual, offer Unlimited Incoming Texts, Voicemail, Call Display, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and 3-way calling. There’s also some new Add-on features and we’re getting those for you roo, but for now here’s the complete list that will go live in a couple days:


$25/month Prepaid Plan:
– 100 anytime minutes
– Unlimited Canada and Us Txt
– 100 MB of DATA!
– Extra minutes $0.30

$35.00/month Prepaid plan:
– Unlimited Incoming Calls
– Unlimited Weekends and evenings start @ 7pm- 7am
– Canada and Us Txt – Unlimited
– Extra Minutes $0.30
– BlackBerry devices give Unlimited FaceBook, Twitter BBM or Email and BBM
– All other Smartphones includes 250MB of Data

Smartphone Plan Changes:

– 150 minutes
– Unlimited International Txt
– 5pm Evenings
– 500MB of data
– Eligible for my peeps and BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Supertab

– 200 minutes/month
– Unlimited Incoming Calls
– Unlimited International Text Messaging
– 5pm evenings
– 500MB of data
– Eligible for My Peeps and BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone)

– 300 Minutes/month
– Unlimited Incoming calls
– Unlimited International Text Messaging
– 5PM Evenings
– 1GB data
– Eligible for My Peeps and BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone)

(Thanks tipster!)