RIM hit with another patent troll lawsuit, this time it’s over music playlists

The trolls are back and once again aiming at RIM. This time around it’s Seattle-based shell company Hunter Point Ventures who believes that Research In Motion has crossed the line on one of their patents, US Patent 7667123, “System and method for musical playlist selection in a portable audio device.” RIM has been making slight moves over the past few years to make their BlackBerry smartphones more than a email and BBM device, but music is not one of their fortes. Hunter Point Ventures claims that the process of how a BlackBerry user makes a playlist infringes on their patent: search for song, display song, edit playlists, save songs. Sounds like every other music device on the market and not really a RIM/BlackBerry original.

Hopefully this, along with others like the Emoticon lawsuit, gets thrown out of court really fast.

Source: GigaOm
Via: BerryReview