Rogers Facebook Timeline page dates back to 1921, highlights first Canadian wireless call in 1985

Rogers has made it a point on several occasions to proudly announce various Canadian “firsts.” To rhyme off a few: the first to launch BlackBerry service worldwide, the first to bring high-definition television to Canada, the first to launch HSPA+ in North America, the first to launch the iPhone and Android in Canada, and the first to launch an LTE network in Canada.

Seems Rogers truly likes boasting about their successes. They are one of the few organizations who have an active Social Media team to tackle any customer concerns. Now, with the new brand direction of “Creating World-Leading Internet Experiences,” they’ve taken to Facebook and developed a Facebook Timeline that traces their history. The first official cell call in Canada on the Rogers-Cantel network was placed on July 1st, 1985 between Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton and Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau. Apparently they talked about “Canada Day, the weather and smoked meat sandwiches.”

Regardless of your viewpoint, it’s impressive to see how they’ve helped shape the wireless industry in Canada. Today Rogers is Canada’s largest wireless carrier with 9.31 million subscribers.

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