Rogers Wireless wants your baby

Rogers has been actively signing contracts with various organizations to test out their machine-to-machine (M2M) offerings. This M2M is what Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers, calls “the internet of things,” or the ability for all your devices to communicate and experience a “connected life.”

Over the past couple years we’ve seen Toronto Hydro test electricity usage, the City of Ottawa remotely monitor traffic lights, and Hydro-Quebec monitor millions of Smart Meters – all these services were managed from a Smartphone, potentially saving time and money.

The newest Rogers partnership is with Exmovere Holdings Inc. The two companies will grow the “M2M mobile health portfolio” and launch the “Exmobaby.” This is a product that was created by Exmovere and “is the first ever wireless, biosensor baby pajama.” Before you get any ideas of trying to copy the wireless pajama, you can’t, it protected by a patent. The Exmobaby “monitors a newborn baby’s ECG, skin temperature and movement” and can send alerts to a computer, tablet, or mobile device. I can see how this would be incredibly useful in hospitals for new borns, possibly a bit extreme for daily use at the home.

The Exmobaby is expected to hit Canadian retailers later this year. No word on the price or what retail outlets will have them in stock… perhaps the real reason Rogers decided to exit the video rental business was to go into wireless baby garment business.

David Bychkov, CEO, Exmovere said “Working with Rogers will allow us to provide a meaningful connected experience for parents and childcare workers in Canada. Rogers wireless networks provide a reliable distribution platform for our flagship technology and we’re excited to bring the Exmobaby to Canada later this year.”

Source: CNW