Rogers survey reveals that 34% of Canadians would give up Alcohol to use the Internet

A new survey has been released by Rogers this morning that takes a look at how Canadians are “hungry for the next generation of Internet experiences”… otherwise known as how connected we are to the internet, and how we are or will use the internet in the future. The survey was completed by Rogers and Vision Critical and is part of their ongoing “Rogers Innovation Report.” In total there was 1,010 random people who took the survey (between April 13th to April 15th 2012) and found the following:

– 79% say that the Internet allows them to connect in ways that make their lives better now
– 72% expect the Internet to play an increasingly important role in the next five years
– 98% use the Internet to connect with family and friends
– 97% use the Internet to follow the news
– 94% use the Internet to do personal banking and manage their finances
– 93% use the Internet to research health issues and symptoms
– 92% use the Internet to watch movies and television
– 34% would give up alcohol to use the Internet
– 31% would go without chocolate to use the Internet
– 27% would skip coffee to use the Internet
– 6% would give up regular sex to use the Internet
– 4% would go without daily bathing to use the Internet
– 4% would choose the Internet over personal contact with others

As to the future and what people want, specifically Machine-to-Machine (M2M), the Rogers survey revealed that 37% said they would consider using “smart” appliances to help them manage their house. One interesting point of the survey showed some slight interest in people getting information downloaded directly to their brain. The press release noted that “Many of those surveyed have creative ways for how future Internet experiences may make their lives easier and better. Ideas included downloading information directly into the brain, automating road traffic to eliminate the need for human drivers and virtual reality phone calls that would assimilate personal contact.”

The Canadian population is just over 34 million, so even if this specific survey was 1,000+ the bottom line is that we are deeply connected, possibly addicted, to the Internet for everyday needs at anytime of the day. Here’s an infographic that shows all the details:

Source: CNW