Some HTC One X users reporting SMS notification problems, fix coming soon

Some HTC One X users, both in North America and around the world, are reporting an issue whereby they won’t be notified of incoming text messages. The problem affects both the lock screen and dock icons, as well as the notification bar, preventing a user from being alerted to the message. I can confirm that this has happened to me a few times, and I won’t find out about the SMS until I manually enter the Messaging app to type out my own text. The problem does not happen often — I’d say it affects one out of every ten incoming messages — but it seems to be completely random.

HTC has confirmed that there is a bug in the machine, and has committed to releasing a software update as soon as possible. No word on when this will come, but we’re hoping sooner than later.

Do you have a newly-purchased Rogers HTC One X with this SMS notification bug?

Via: The Verge