Huawei U8651 released by WIND for $149

WIND has finally released the Huawei U8651, otherwise known as the Astro. This Android 2.3 device could possibly be one of the lowest price Android devices on the market at $149 outright (or $0 on the WINDtab with either the $25 or $40 plan). Public Mobile has Wind beat with their $100 Android devices, regardless, it’s affordable and entry-level. The U8651 comes with a 3.5-inch display (resolution of 320 x 480), 3.2 MP camera, microSD card slot that can hold up to 32GB, Wi-Fi and weighs 118 grams. In addition, the U8651 comes with a few extra back covers (red and white) so you can style it up.

Source: WIND