Virgin looking for people to test out the upcoming Motorola MOTOLUXE

If Virgin Mobile didn’t put up the invitation for members to participate in their “Tester” program I would have forgotten about the upcoming Motorola MOTOLUXE launch. This will be released within the next couple weeks and if you want to grab hold of this device, test it out, and report your thoughts back to Virgin Mobile you should possibly claim one of five spots in Virgin’s Tester Team program. All you have to do is communicate in 100 words or less why you’d be the perfect candidate for the position.

In the terms and condition Virgin might have revealed the no-term pricing. They state that “There are five (5) spots to be filled on the VMC Tester Team. The total retail value of the prizes available is $2,500.00.” Since there are 5 spots with a combined value of 2,500 bucks, each would be $500.

Check it here at Virgin