HTC Desire C press shots leak, looks like a shrunken One S

We’ve seen leaked images of the HTC Golf before, but now it looks to be debuting in Portugal as the Desire C. The shrunken Android 4.0-based device proves that you can make an ultra low-cost device with the latest version of Android.

Looking like a cross between the HP Veer and HTC’s own One S, the Desire C looks to have a 600Mhz processor, a 3.5-inch 480×320 pixel display, 5MP camera, 4GB storage, with WiFi, GPS, Beats Audio (of course) and the three capacitive button layout. It will be interesting to see how Sense 4.0 translates into such a low-end device, but we’d imagine not all that well.

The device is likely to come to market for under $200 and if it does come to Canada would fit very well on WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Koodo or even Virgin.

Source: GSMArena