Samsung Galaxy S III accessories get a first hands-on

With any blockbuster phone release comes the inevitable accessory line. Apple chooses to take the minimalist route with its accessories, and Samsung is following suit, releasing a suite of obvious-yet-effective accoutrements to add to the experience.

Most notably is the C-Pen, which is fundamentally different from the S Pen in the Galaxy Note by way of lacking a true pressure-sensitive tip and accompanying phone digitizer. Instead, the stylus works by imitating the capacitive throughput of a finger, but with a finer tip it makes jotting down notes and appending documents more precise.

The WiFi Display Hub is like HTC’s Media Link in that it allows you to wirelessly stream media to your television over WiFi. Whether it establishes a connection with the Galaxy S III through NFC remains to be seen.

The remaining fare is pretty standard, and much of it was available for the Galaxy S II. The dual-function S3 Holder & Battery Charger is great for heavy users who always want to have a spare battery charged and ready to go. With a removable 2100mAh battery the Galaxy S III should last through a typical day, but having a spare on hand is always helpful for that occasional Temple Run binge.

The Flip Cover is still just a flip cover, but as we saw with the original Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Note, Samsung doesn’t mess around when it comes to materials. A reinforced plastic exterior that feels rigid and protects extremely well, the Flip Cover looks to be a bit overpriced at approximately $60, but we’ll have to wait until official Canadian prices are released to confirm.

The Flip Cover will be available in Ceramic White and Pebble Blue, which will suit those who want to maintain a uniform colour scheme. Lastly, the Desktop Dock will be the Phone Holder without the extra battery compartment, but adds a line out and the ability to use your phone in landscape mode.

Considering many of the official accessories for the Galaxy Nexus aren’t yet available in Canada, I wouldn’t my breath for a speedy release. They will likely be available for e-tailers such as Expansys, and from Samsung directly, but factoring in shipping and duty the price may not be feasible to most people. Third-party manufacturers are expected to pick up the slack, however, as they did with previous Samsung releases.

What do you think of the official Galaxy S III accessories? Will you be picking up any of them when they are released?

Source: MobileFun