Google reportedly prepping to sell several Nexus devices this fall

Various rumours over the past number of months have pointed towards several manufacturers (Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung) getting the green light to claim ownership of Google’s next “pure Android” Nexus smartphone. So far there has been three Nexus devices: Nexus One in 2009 by HTC, followed by the Nexus S in 2010 from Samsung, then more recently the Galaxy Nexus 2011 again produced by Samsung.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Google could be changing their strategy and opting to give several manufacturers an early look at the next Android OS (possibly 5.0 and called Jelly Bean) and for them to prepare the world with a collection of Nexus devices. Apparently Google wants 5 devices – a combination of smartphones and tablets – and to sell them directly via the Play Store by the American Thanksgiving. For those curious the date is November 22nd. Unfortunately for us Canadians the report only indicated that the “portfolio” of Nexus devices would be sold in the US, Asia and Europe, so if this is true we’ll probably see various carriers jump on board.

This move by Google would calm those Android manufacturers who have been weary of the Google/Motorola acquisition. Opening the Nexus up to a plethora of manufacturers shows no Android favouritism. Hopefully more details will be announced at the upcoming Google I/O conference (June 27th – 29th, 2012).

Source: WSJ
Via: Engadget