Someecards app launches for Android, we go laughs-on

Someecards, source of many of the internet’s quippy, funny and endearing one-liners, has finally released an Android app in both free and paid varieties.

Previously available on iOS for 99c, the Someecards revolution has been swift and absolute. For a generation of users unimpressed by Hallmark and its manufactured sentiment, someecards has been a way to tell your friends you miss them, your significant other you love them, or your frenemies you’d rather them leave you alone, in the most hilariously passive/aggressive ways possible. The website allows you to create your own cards and purchase cards, magnets and coffee mugs with a card of your choice printed on.

The Android app is as bare-bones as you get, but it’s still quite usable. You get various categories — Newest, Popular, Favourites and Tweets — and can assign any card within the app as a favourite. You can’t log in to your account to view your web favourites, nor can you create new cards with the given templates, but the company assures us those features are coming soon.

The free version allows for 10 cards per category, while the paid gives you access to the entire catalogue of over 3,000 cards. Browsing the app is a great way to pass some time, or to slyly send your friend an innocuous insult. You can email, send as MMS, share on Facebook or share on Twitter any of the cards.

Download the free or paid version of Someecards from Google Play.

Via: Android Police