WIND reports Q1 2012: results Total subscribers reach 415,364, ARPU drops to $27.30

WIND Mobile subscriber Q1 subscriber numbers have been released and the numbers have increased. WIND has now racked up a total of 415,364 customers, up a whopping 52.9% from last year, and up 12,364 in the quarter. Good news for us consumers as the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) has slightly dropped $0.10 (0.5%) to $27.30/month. Not the hugest news, but the report also indicated that WIND currently has 481 total points of sale including 215 branded locations.

When the government announced the rules for the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction WIND CEO proclaimed that he would potentially boycott the event. However, one of highlights noted in release stated that “WIND Mobile is assessing the 700 MHz spectrum auction rules and although clearly advantageous to wireless incumbents, there is a prime 2X5 MHz band available in certain regions that could be beneficial to WIND Mobile’s long term strategy.” The “assessing” will most likely turn into participating. The auction is expected to start first half 2013.

Source: Orascom (PDF)