Rumour: Apple’s next iPhone display will “measure at least 4 inches”

Fresh new iPhone rumours coming to you this morning courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. “People familiar with the situation” believe that Apple is apparently going to start production of their next iPhone, presumebly called the iPhone 5, in June and will be coming with a bigger display, which will “measure at least 4 inches.”

Apple has yet to stray from the 3.5-inch iPhone display and there were no other details in the report. It’s been rumoured for the past couple years that Apple would transition towards a larger display like their competitors – which some of them have produced smartphones between 4.8-inches and 5.3-inches.

Of course, Apple has declined to comment on the rumour. We’ll probably see Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announce a new iPhone at the upcoming WWDC in June.

Update: Reuters is joining the WSJ with the same news. Looks like the source shopped the story around to major papers as Reuters is reporting the same story as the WSJ. According to “people familiar with the situation” the “new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner”

Source: WSJ