HTC Ville C could bring One S design, Sense 4.5 on the cheap

The HTC One S, which is coming to Canada tomorrow, is a thin, light and powerful device. But it’s also using one of the new 28nm Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chips that is in such high demand across the industry. Due to a TSMC component shortage for 28nm parts, HTC likely figures that it can use the existing internal components of the One S, change up the S4 to a slightly-slower S3 chip, and sell it for cheap.

According to a reliable source at BriefMobile, the Ville C will use almost the exact same parts as the One S — except for the SoC — and will arrive with Sense 4.5 on board. The Qualcomm MSM8260 chip is the same one used in the Sensation, clocked at 1.2Ghz (the number on the spec sheet is incorrect, according to the source).

Whether North America will see this Ville C comes down to demand for the current models, and how much they can discount this one from the One S and One X.

Source: BriefMobile