Canada’s first “Samsung Store” coming this Summer to Burnaby, BC

Samsung is planning to open their first retail store this Summer in British Columbia. The location is in Burnaby at the Metropolis and will be a “premium retail experience” that will be fully interactive with their all their products: latest smartphones (Galaxy S III), tablets, ultrabooks, SMART TVs and Galaxy Players. There is no official date of the store opening, just that it’s “slated to open Summer 2012.”

The press release gave a bit away of what the design might look like. You can expect the “Samsung Store” to have “in-store education” along with an “in-store education area” with “Smart Table technology” and “a tablet-based point-of-sale system.” So you’ll be able to purchase all sorts of products, including accessories, and hopefully unlocked smartphones.

James Politeski, President of Samsung Canada said “Samsung is excited to bring a new level of retail experience to Canadians. Our vision is to provide an immersive space where consumers can interact with our products in totally new ways and enjoy unprecedented service levels.”

No word on when other Canadian cities will get a Samsung Store.