Samsung Galaxy S III available to pre-order for $734.99 from Expansys

Don’t want to wait for a Galaxy S III? You can pre-order it unlocked from Expansys for $734.99. Mind you, this is the 16GB non-LTE-but-yes-Exynos quad-core version, and that’s quite a high cost for a phone, but desperate times…

There is no set shipping date; Expansys’ exact words are, “we will not ship the product or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives. There are no cancellation charges.” In other words, there is nothing to lose by pre-ordering because you can always cancel without penalty.

When the Galaxy S III does come to Canada, likely in a dual-core LTE form, it will probably be less expensive than what you see above. But it will also be carrier branded, locked and unlikely to receive updates as quickly as the international GT-I9300.

Note that when you add the Galaxy S III to your cart its price is reduced to $699.99, which somehow seems more reasonable in the scheme of things. Both the marble white and pebble blue versions are available for pre-order. Let us know if you pull the trigger — we’ll admit it’s quite tempting from our perspective.

Source: Expansys
(Thanks Ronin!)