Microsoft cutting off Windows Phone Marketplace to those who haven’t upgraded to Mango

The Windows Phone Marketplace is going to be closed to those few stragglers who refuse to upgrade to Mango. This according to Microsoft itself who says that in order to make improvements to the back-end on its phone- and web-based app portals, it must eliminate backwards compatibility with “version 1.0” users.

The few stragglers who haven’t yet updated to WP7.5 are mostly on AT&T, citing a problem with the original rollout of Mango that caused the system keyboard to randomly disappear while typing. Most other devices, including those in Canada, have received a fix for that, and a few other, initial Mango bugs.

Windows Phone 8, or Apollo, isn’t expected to debut until the end of 2012, so those running Mango phones can rest easy that this Marketplace deprecation won’t affect them for a long, long time.

Have you updated to Mango yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Source: Windows Blog
Via: The Verge