TELUS puts the Galaxy Nexus and Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 on the discontinued list

This is interesting. According to an internal document, TELUS has discontinued the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This was eventually inevitable as the Galaxy S III is coming soon along with potentially five new Nexus devices. TELUS first started to sell the Galaxy Nexus on January 13th, so this “pure Android” has been in market for only five months.

A few weeks ago TELUS’ Brent Johnston, VP of Mobility Solutions, stated to us that “We are very pleased with the sales performance thus far, with Lumia sales meeting our expectations.” However, next on the “To be discontinued” list is the Magenta Nokia Lumia 800. No word on why it’s being discontinued, probably low demand for the colour. If you really want to get your hands on the Magenta 800 you’ll probably find stock available at TELUS locations. In addition, TELUS also exclusively sells the WP7 Mango device in Black and Cyan.

We’ll have more info soon!
(Thanks tipster!)