Motorola says if phone won’t improve on ICS, it won’t be updated

Days after Motorola was approved to be purchased by Google, it has come out to disappoint many users of its legacy Android devices. In a statement on its Inside Motorola blog, the company made a short-but-sweet statement outlining why some of its devices won’t be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

You may be wondering why all devices aren’t being upgraded to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Here’s the deal. We work very closely with Google and cell phone carriers for every software update. And, obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device.

It’s a shrewd statement that divests the company from any real liability when it comes to upgrading their hardware. We know that the first device to receive an ICS upgrade will be the RAZR, and the XOOM tablet has already received its upgrade. But the Atrix? No idea if or when it will be updated. The XT860? Pro+? Both will stay on Gingerbread, according to the company.

This is disappointing, but at least it brings some closure to the debate. We’d love to see the XT860 updated to ICS as it was a fantastic little QWERTY device, but them’s the breaks in this fragmented Android world.

RAZR users can look forward to an update in Q2, meaning some time in June.

Source: Motorola, (2)