Early CyanogenMOD 9 builds now available for Samsung Galaxy Note i717

If you’re a Galaxy Note “crackflasher” who can’t keep a ROM on your phone for more than a few days, we have some good news. Early builds of CyanogenMOD 9, the most popular custom ROM available for Android devices, is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note i717. As eager customers await the Bell, Rogers and TELUS release of Ice Cream Sandwich with a “Premium Suite,” the early CM9 builds are quite stable and feature-filled, though leaked versions of AT&T’s official update provide better S Pen support, if you’re into that.

CyanogenMOD 9 does a great job taking advantage of the Note’s huge 5.3-inch screen, allowing you to enable a “Tablet Mode” which imitates an Android tablet in miniature.

The project should be added officially to the CyanogenMOD repository in the coming days, but for now those looking for a lightweight Android 4.0 solution for their Galaxy Note need look no further.

Hit up XDA-Developers for all the details.