RIM updates BlackBerry App World with new categories as it prepares for BB10

RIM has made some significant changes today to the categories within its growing BlackBerry App World, ones that affect both BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.

First they have removed the dedicated Beta category, which means that either RIM is going to add more robust functionality to its Beta Zone, or it’s just getting rid of the whole idea altogether. While there weren’t many apps in the beta category — many of them were first-party titles in testing — it was nice to have a dedicated area to try out features that weren’t yet available on shipping software.

They are also adding several categories, including some titles specifically for children. In recent months the PlayBook has been inundated with quality childrens’ games and eBooks.

During BlackBerry World, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins said that the total number of apps in BlackBerry App World was approaching 100,000. Nearly a quarter of those were made specifically for the PlayBook. As BB10 approaches, the app numbers game will play heavily into its adoption rate, though we’d like to think that getting some of those coveted “hero” apps such as Netflix would be on the top of RIM’s list.

Source: BlackBerryCool