Apple and Samsung fail to reach settlement during talks, trial starts in July

Sad but seemingly inevitable news today from California. According to the Korea Times, Apple and Samsung representatives could not come to a mutual understanding on their patent dispute, despite meeting for more than sixteen hours over two days earlier this week.

Minutes issued by the district judge assert there were “no results” from the extended talks, and even though both sides agreed to lower the number of disputed patents considerably, they are still unable to find common ground. Samsung is willing to talk about cross-licensing opportunities for patents it claims Apple is violating, while Apple is insistant that Samsung copied its designs on several products and wants them removed from the shelves.

The trial is to begin in July, and while we hope the results don’t affect consumers negatively, the likelihood of that is low. Apple just wants OEMs to “invent their own stuff,” but there’s a possibility that if Apple wins the FRAND claims on its designs, other companies will design around Apple instead of focusing on creating unique and innovative products for consumers. The line is so thin these days, it’s hard to know which one is which.

Source: Korea Times
Via: The Verge