Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shown off with integrated stylus and quad-core Exynos processor

When the Galaxy Note 10.1 was revealed during Mobile World Congress, it wasn’t quite the powerhouse that Samsung devotees were expecting. With a rather disappointing 1280 x 800 resolution screen, a dual-core processor and, most notably, lack of an S Pen slot, the Note 10.1 wasn’t looking so hot.

But as we edge towards June, it’s clear that Samsung was just getting started on its Note 10.1 adventures. It has seemingly redesigned the shell to make room for the S Pen, a feature that many potential buyers are slathering for after using the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note. Not only that, but there is now a quad-core Exynos 4412 SoC inside with ARM’s new Mali-T604 graphics chip. This tablet-centric beast is expected to provide performance increases of up to six times over the existing Mali-400, a variant of which is being paired up with four CPU cores in Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Overall the tablet looks a lot like the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, but appears to be slightly thicker to accomodate the Wacom digitizer and S Pen compartment. If that’s your cup of tea, expect the Note 10.1 to debut in the coming months. No word on Canadian distribution, but we’re sure there will be enough demand here to bring it over.

Hit the break for one more shot of the re-designed Note 10.1.

Source: Tablet Community (translated)
Via: PocketNow