Health & Safety Watch iPhone app gives you real-time info on disease outbreaks, consumer product and food recalls

An app was recently made available in Apple’s App Store that could be incredibly useful and also make you incredibly fearful. The Health & Safety Watch (HSW) application monitors recalls, advisories and health warnings of Canadian products and eateries. The good news is that the app is free, compatible with iOS 5.0 or later. According to Intelligent Health Solutions, creators of the app, the “Health & Safety Watch designed the app to provide a simple point of reference for users to check everything from boil water advisories and local disease outbreaks to consumer product and food recalls.”

The app can be broken down by category – Consumer products, Food, Public Health, Health products, Environmental, and Food premises – and uses the GPS in your device to give you local information. If you have worries about a specific restaurant, potentially it looks a bit too sketch to eat at, you can search the app to see what their public health inspection results were. This feature is currently available for the Toronto area but will be expanding to other cities in the coming months.

Dr. Jeff Aramini, President of Health & Safety Watch, stated that “A quick search of the restaurant name enables users to see the status and any infractions that may impact their decision to eat there. It’s great when planning a night out because you have all of this information at your fingertips, without having to first visit the restaurant and read the inspection notice.”

Download the app here from the App Store