Nvidia’s Icera LTE baseband nears market as company boasts 30 Tegra 3 devices for 2012

Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset is doing quite well, if comments made by the company general manager are to be believed. During an investors’ conference today, Mike Rayfield claimed that 30 smartphones will be released in 2012 running Nvidia’s latest silicon, and that some of them will ship with its Icera-based i410 LTE baseband.

At the moment Qualcomm is really the only company capable of shipping LTE-based SoCs, either part of its integrated S4 line-up or separately as part of its S3. With Nvidia becoming a player by late 2012, Qualcomm will likely be forced to lower prices, which is good for the consumer.

Nvidia promises integrated LTE as part of its next-generation Cortex-A15 “Grey” SoC next year, which is ostensibly going to be titled Tegra 4. Until then it will ship the i410 as a standalone product, reaching speeds of up to 75Mbps.

Source: The Verge