Google snatches up core members of webOS framework team

It appears that a few important members of the now-open-source webOS team are moving over to Google from HP. Despite announcing in January that webOS would be open-sourced and bits of pieces of the Enyo framework would be released between then and a final September unveiling, the unnamed members of the team have likely decided greener pastures exist on Google’s shores. Most of the exiting party were responsible for the Enyo application framework, which debuted on the TouchPad and allowed developers to create beautiful apps within HTML5.

While HP released a statement saying this move will not affect the release date of open source webOS — “We’re pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community. The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January,” — there is no doubt that this is not a good thing for the webOS team.

What Google will do with the engineers is another story. Hopefully they will be integrated into the Android Open Source Project, improving the performance of next-generation versions of the operating system. Matias Duarte, the visionary creator of the design language in Ice Cream Sandwich, moved from Palm to Google before the company was purchased by HP.

Source: The Verge