Kobo for Android version 4.0 brings improved tablet support, Kobo Pulse, and better performance

Kobo for Android took a while to reach feature parity with its iOS counterpart, and many would argue that it still isn’t quite there, but with version 4.0 it’s inching ever closer.

While the app looked alright on tablets, it now looks great, and works just as well as Kindle or Aldiko Pro. The company has also bundled its contentious Kobo Pulse social network into the app, making it easy to share comments or read others’ opinions on specific chapters or books. You can bookmark multiple pages in a single book (finally!) and, if desired, share your readings on Facebook.

The app feels snappier, more stable and works great as an eBook reader on my HTC One X. I’d love to have more font choices — unlike the iOS version there are only two, a serif and sans serif — but you can change margin and font sizes, as well as adjust for day- or night-time reading.

Formerly a Canadian company, Kobo was recently purchased by Japanese retailer Rakuten, but the brand has not changed since then. Prices are usually on par or lower than Amazon, and the experience, especially on iOS, is better.

Download Kobo for Android from Google Play.