Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III reportedly delayed due to manufacturing issue, shipments to resume in mid-June

There are independent reports from multiple sources today that the Galaxy S III will only launch in marble white on May 29th, as the pebble blue model has been suffering from an unspecified manufacturing issue.

According to several Samsung representatives who don’t want to be named, the company has destroyed upwards of 600,000 pebble blue backplates due to colour inconsistencies and other malformations. Ironically the white version is not affected; Apple had problems with their white iPhone 4 for several months after the initial launch, despite promising to ship with both in June 2010.

Many international retailers are reporting that the white version will be the only one available to them until at least mid-June, when Samsung is expected to reach production parity again with the white version. Samsung Sweden have confirmed the delay, but claim the delay will “only be a matter of days,” disputing earlier claims.

The evidence came to light last week when the Galaxy S III went on sale early in Dubai, but retailers were tight-lipped as to why only the white version was available. Hopefully Samsung gets everything in order for the Canadian launch.

Source: AndroidNZ
Via: Slashgear