LG says they’ve sold 3 million LTE devices

LG released the LTE-enabled Optimus LTE last year on both Bell and TELUS. The company declared last January that the total sales for this specific device surpassed 1 million units in 3 months. Since then LG has released other LTE smartphones, such as the Optimus Vu, and have officially announced they’ve successfully sold over 3 million LTE devices worldwide. There’s no country breakdown of who has helped contribute to this success, only that North America, specifically Verizon in the States was a key player. Would be nice to see Bell and TELUS get a slight mention as they were one of the first carriers worldwide to adopt an LG LTE smartphone. LG plans to continue their LTE efforts and sell into 20 countries by the end of the year.

Source: LG
Via: Engadget