Update: RIM’s Chief Legal Officer is retiring

Over the past year we’ve seen a number of high level executives decide to depart the company for various reasons – either by choice or to conveniently spend more time with family. Recently Patrick Spence, Head of Global Sales, bolted to go work for Sonos, and today it was announced that Karima Bawa, RIM’s Chief Legal Officer, has resigned. Bawa has been with RIM since 2000 and reportedly informed execs of her plans a few months back, but has committed to stay on board until a replacement is found.

Probably the most interesting part of the report is that the number of rumoured job cuts has potentially increased. Over the weekend the number was at 2,000, but Reuters is reporting there could be upward of 6,000 employees given a slip by early next year. RIM currently has a workforce of around 16,500 globally.

Update: As other news publications have reported, Bawa is apparently retiring. In another Reuters report they note that “RIM said Bawa was in discussion with RIM about her intention to retire for some time.”

Source: Reuters