Samsung officially released the Galaxy S III in 28 countries today, coming soon to 145 others

Samsung officially released the Galaxy S III in 28 counties around the world today, both in Pebble Blue and White, but only the 16GB version. The lucky locations include the UK, France, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Africa. In Samsung’s press release they noted that the GS III, the “human-centric smartphone,” will see it arrive in 145 other countries on 296 operators “in July.”

Us Canadians are most likely bundled into the next mass release as majority of our carriers have stated this anticipated handset will arrive sometime this Summer. The rumoured launch date is June 20th, but as stated before we’re hearing several dates. A report in Pocket-Lint quotes TJ Kang, SVP Media Services for Samsung, stating “Unlike previous product launches, the time lag will be much more compressed for the Galaxy S III, so I think it will be available more or less globally within a month of the European release.”

The Galaxy S III could be the fastest selling Android device to-date, it was previously reported that Samsung had carrier pre-orders topping 9 million.

A few more weeks to go…

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: PocketNow