Photosynth for Windows Phone released with 360-degree panorama support

Windows Phone already has a pretty good reputation as a photographer-friendly OS, and Microsoft has finally brought its excellent iOS app Photosynth to its host platform.

The idea of taking panoramas on a smartphone is not new, but Photosynth has arguably one of the best, and most user-friendly, implementations I’ve seen to date. It’s also able to stitch together exceptionally wide scenes without losing the X-axis orientation; everything looks exactly is it should. And, as Microsoft’s Michael Stroh tells us, “it’s the only mobile app that can piece together a full panoramic sphere (that’s 360 degrees horizontally and vertically).”

If you’ve recently purchased a Lumia device, or any Windows Phone for that matter, we’d recommend giving Photosynth a go. Download Photosynth for Windows Phone.

Source: Windows Team Blog