Update: Rogers Galaxy S III countdown clock goes live, hints a pre-orders starting today

This could be a very interesting day. Last week we were tipped that pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S III might go live today and it possibly could turn out to be true. Here’s why: If you take a gander over at the Rogers Wireless they’ve created a page with a countdown clock for the GS III, stating it’s “Coming Soon to Rogers.” The time leads to 12:00PM EST and this is most likely when people will be able to reserve the anticipated handset… but who knows, Rogers has always wanted to “be first” with launching devices it would be amazing if they miraculously pulled out a few to sell to eager customers.

Update: The countdown clock has ended and Rogers now says they are “Ready to take orders!!” Best you all call the call centre and reserve your GS III.

Check it out here at Rogers
(Thanks Nick!)